The Free Website Audit is our way of spreading awareness on good online practices.

Whether you have a new website that you want to maximise, or an existing website that needs a 10,000 mile service, the DBD Digital Free Website Audit has been designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of what your website is doing well, and more importantly, the areas in which it needs to improve.

If you feel like you aren’t getting the best from your website, we can give you a route map to improvements.

We use cutting edge software to scan a website, testing it for spelling, SEO, speed, social media, code, accessibility and many other things that all affect the performance, usability, and search engine performance of a website. Other tests include:

Alternative text
Amount of content
Missing files
Broken links
Contact details
Error pages
Internal search
Open graph
Search engine rank
Search engine results
Social interest
Speed Spelling
URL format
W3C compliance

DBD Digital - Free Website Audit

What you choose to do with this information is then up to you.

We use the data generated from the scan to produce a series of recommendations. They could be amendments and improvements to the code or the content of the website, or they could be suggestions for online marketing and social strategy. What you choose to do with this information is then up to you.

DBD Digital - Free Website Audit

Competitor Comparisons

We can also compare your website against another website, perhaps a competitor, or the current #1 ranked website on Google for the search terms that you wish to feature for. It can be motivating to see what others are doing in the same business sector, and understanding that investing time and resources to constantly improving your website will bring results.

Email us for more information, or contact us on 0844 445 7828 to chat with a member of our team.